Alexandra & TLF

Welcome to The London Factory.

I’m Alexandra and I’m so glad you’re here. 

Originally from the UK, I now live by the beach in our urban homestead in the Gulf Coast of Florida with my husband, our four little ones, Australian shepherd and 11 chickens. We love spending our days (lay the beach (or any time in nature for that matter), going on family bike rides, sourcing great food and making delicious meals, and also just doing the mundane stuff together.  


The London Factory was my baby before I had babies and was born during a season that I needed it most. After I graduated Art School I moved to London which I guess you could say “planted the seed ” for this whole thing. At the time, we lived in in Central London just a few blocks from Baker Street tube in a one of those old beautiful Victorian homes which was converted into flats. Ours had a black door and we were on the second floor. The flat was advertised as a one bedroom, but that’s a push by any standard. The bedroom was pretty much a closet and the main room was our living room, slash dining room, slash office, slash room to dry hang dry all of our clothes and kitchen and bathroom aren’t even worth mentioning. Besides from that it had huge, tall ceilings with the most gorgeous windows , crown molding and an old marble fireplace. It was our first home together and despite its quirks I loved it and was determined to create something beautiful from it. This is where my passion for interior design and home furnishings began. From there we traveled the world, moved a handful more times before settling back in the USA and starting our family. 


The furniture you see here is inspired from just that. A love of travel, culture, the world and the idea of creating a Home. A space to live, love, learn and grow. A dining table surrounded by family and decorated with homemade meals or scattered with drawings, homework or little finger prints. A sofa to cozy up on to read picture books or have a family movie night. Dining chairs to host guests, holiday celebrations or even to build forts. Chest of drawers filled with tiny diapers and onesies. An armoire passed down to your grandchildren. This is The London Factory. A collection of furniture, not just beautiful and functional but also something that is part of your story. 


Our warehouse is located just outside the city of Atlanta, this is where our amazing team hand finish the product to order, add any customizations, inspect, wrap, pack and label your orders ready for pick up from our white glove delivery partners. 


I never thought I would be be a CEO… although, I also never thought I would have four little ones at my feet whilst trying to run a business, but here we are. 


Honestly, I couldn’t have dreamt this whole thing up even if I tried; At home, with the ones I love the most, supporting my family whilst working with other families to help turn their space into a home.  


Please let me know if you have any questions. Email is usually best, but I will be more than happy to get on a call (as long as you don’t mind the occasional baby babble in the background). I am here to help in any way I can. 


Thank you for being here!