I'm not sure what it is about an open shelf kitchen that makes it so swoon-worthy. Maybe it is the Virgo in me that likes to see everything on display organized and in its place, or maybe it is just the fact that it get your inspiration swirling to create something delicious and magical. The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home, it is where we gather after a long day of work, and where we sit with our family and friends until late hours into the night, but most importantly it is where all the food creation takes place that feeds our souls. The kitchen is a place for celebration, tradition and love. Whether you like a traditional farm style kitchen or a more contemporary vibe, it is important to stamp your mark on this special place. Fill it with beautiful dishware, pretty linens, colorful cookbooks and of course delicious food and bring life back into your home. Here are some of our favorite open shelf kitchens:


Happy weekend-eve!

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