With technology ever evolving and resources such as iBooks, The Kindle and Amazon books are becoming something of the past. More and more people are downloading books onto their ipads or reading from their desktops. But don't you think there is something different about reading a physical book vs. reading from a digital screen? I have to admit the feeling of a hand bound cover of pages upon pages of ink typed words and stories is just... magical. Illustrated covers, photographs and typography. On of my favorite past times is grabbing a good book, maybe a cup of teach or hot chocolate, sitting in my favorite chair and just getting lost in the pages of a good read. Fictional fairytale, romantic love stories or educational, it doesn't matter what it is. Now, don't get me started on my local Barnes & Nobles, the antique book shop downtown or our public library. I have been thinking about starting my own home library for a while now. We have accumulated a lot of books through the years and on our travels so it just seems like the logical idea to give them a home. Naturally I went online to look for inspiration. I have gathered together a few of my favorite home libraries and bookshelves and would like to share some tips and ideas I have found out.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

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