Dark Walls


Dark navy, deep aubergine, charcoal grey and even midnight black; these colors are popping up everywhere. We see them on the blogs we read, in the glossy magazines, on the television and now maybe...potentially in our own home. One of this most common interior design mistake we see is that far too many of us try to play it "safe". We steer away from the bold and the different, and instead stick with plain patterns, neutral colors and simple designs in hope that we won't outgrow or get bored with it. Good news for us is that paint is one of the cheapest, most simple and reversible ways to make big change to a space. These dark and moody shades can create a mysterious and somewhat sexy vibe, also, painted and styled correcting they can even attract and reflect light making your space appear larger with added dimension. So head down to your local paint store, whip out your roller and add some 'mystery' into your life... or at least your home. We have picked out some of our favorite dark wall looks to feed your inspiration.

1. Dining Room- Any space with a lot of natural light is the perfect canvas for a dark painted wall. We love the added dimension of the mixed materials of wood and brick. It really brings the whole space together.

2. Bedroom - Probably one of these easiest places to paint as we are not too concerned with the lighting in a bedroom. If you are worried use neutral and light bed linens and window treatments. Again, try and mix up your materials with sea grass rugs, faux fur cushions and metallic accents.

3. Kitchen - Dark walls or cabinetry work so well in the kitchen. Contrasting granite, marble or stone counter tops compliment dark shades so perfectly. If you are not prepared to paint your cabinetry how about just painting one wall and using it as a chalk board for family menu planning or shopping lists.

4. Bathroom - Although typically a smaller space the bathroom or powder room is a great room for a dark wall. It is less clinical than the typical white space and make soaking in the bath tub all the more relaxing.

5. Office - The dark colors in a study can actually relax the mind and promote concentration. Also by adding other colors from books, art and furniture pieces can really bring together the entire space.

6. Closet - What better way to make your clothes and accessories pop than against a glamorous and sleek wall.

7. Living Room - Using a dark wall as a focal point in a lounge or living room is a great idea. We also love the contrast of unique light fixtures and chandeliers. Contrasting materials of your furnishings is also a perfect way

8. Hallway or Entrance - Nothing is more chic than a dark hallways covered in beautiful art and photography.

9. Children's Room - Using black paint is probably not the first idea that springs to mind when decorating a nursery, playroom or kids room. However with all the other color going on from boys and toys these deep shades really make a beautiful and playful contrast.

10. Outdoor - If you have space to paint a wall outside then go for it! The sight of bright green plants and flowers is just to die for.

Hope you all enjoyed! Happy Hump Day!